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Instant Match

Play Instant Match to Win Without the Wait

Like winning? Hate waiting? You'll love Instant Match. For just $1 extra, you can win up to $500 right on the spot. Available with Pick-3, Pick-4 and Jersey Cash 5, it could be the quickest cash you've ever won.

Any match, any order, you win!

Here's how to play:

  • Purchase a Pick-3, Pick-4 or Jersey Cash 5 ticket at any New Jersey Lottery retailer.
  • Ask for Instant Match, or just mark the box labeled Instant Match on your bet slip. Instant Match is only $1 to play, in addition to your Pick-3, Pick-4 or Jersey Cash 5 game purchase.
  • The lottery terminal will automatically pick your Instant Match numbers.
  • Match your Pick-3, Pick-4 or Jersey Cash 5 numbers with any of your Instant Match numbers in any order, and you win the prize(s) shown, instantly.
  • Approximately one out of every seven is a winner! If just one of your numbers matches any Instant Match number in any position, you win. Plus you can win up to three, four or five times per ticket, depending on whether you play Pick-3, Pick-4 or Jersey Cash 5.
  • Instant Match is available for both midday and evening draws. Be sure to specify the bet to which you want to add Instant Match.
  • Instant Match is not available with Quick Pick or multiple wagers printed on one ticket.
  • Instant Match tickets cannot be cancelled.

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For more information, see the complete Pick-3 Instant Match Game Rules, Pick-4 Instant Match Game Rules,
Jersey Cash 5 Instant Match Game Rules

Odds and Prizes

Prize Amount Odds of Winning Winners per 150,000
$2 1 in 10 15,000
$5 1 in 37 4,054
$10 1 in 65 2,308
$20 1 in 200 750
$50 1 in 2,000 150
$100 1 in 25,000 6
$500 1 in 75,000 2
Total 1in 7 22,270

*Average prizes are pari-mutuel and are based on sales and number of winners with the exception of the $3 prize, which is a fixed prize.

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